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Be Sure You’re Getting the Most for Your Money has partnered with the National Vehicle Certification Program (“NVCP”) to bring you what we consider to be the most complete certified pre-owned (CPO) program available. If what you’re looking for is a quality pre-owned vehicle, see for yourself how NVCP surpasses any other CPO program on the market—including manufacturer’s certified.

We Certify Your Car National Vehicle Certification Program

There are real differences between certified pre-owned programs. The National Vehicle Certification Program is different from most other programs in many significant ways. Check out the NVCP Program Overview, and find out more about certification in general. We think you'll agree that an NVCP Certified vehicle is "Smarter Than New, Better Than Used™".

Vehicles independently inspected and certified for your protection through the National Vehicle Certification Program are a great value. We certify private-party vehicles using the same process used at our dealerships, and we hold every vehicle to the same standards as those vehicles offered for sale by participating National Vehicle Certification Program dealers. View a sample inspection and learn more…

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You've got places to go, people to see, and things to do. Make sure you get there safely and on time. Have your car certified, and avoid costly problems in the future. Like an annual check-up for your car, NVCP can identify problems your vehicle may already have, and identify early warning signs to help you avoid problems in the future.