NVCP Overview

What is the purpose of the National Vehicle Certification Program?

NVCP was designed to create a national standard for pre-owned automobiles. We examine the past, present, and future problems and probabilities of each individual car or truck, to help reduce the risk to the prospective buyer. Our process uses objective, proven data—rather than the subjective eye (or opinion) of a technician working for the selling dealer.

Whether the vehicle is in Topeka or Topanga, our system of checks and balances produces the same result, time after time. Whether the buyer is across the country or across town, he can be certain that he has accurate and reliable information to help make a good buying decision.

Who benefits from the program?

Benefits to the buyer include
  • reduced risk
  • an accurate assessment of the condition of the vehicle
  • increased comfort and confidence
  • better value

Benefits to the seller include
  • Certified vehicles sell faster and for more money than other similar vehicles.
  • Helps you earn your prospective buyer’s trust.

What the NVCP program isn’t.

While we are an alternative to factory certification programs, we aren’t a “me-too” carbon copy by any measure—nor are we an inspection-only service. There are a number of important distinctions between factory programs and the NVCP certification process. Some of those unique features include:
  • 24/7 access to our certification reports online
  • A direct link from the CARFAX Vehicle History Report™ to the certification reports
  • Scientific Fluid Analysis of the engine oil and transmission fluid
  • Can certify any year, any make, and any model
  • Independent inspectors, beyond the influence of the factory or the selling dealer
  • We inspect, measure, and report the condition of the vehicle, including the vehicle history. We do not dictate reconditioning. In other words, we report the facts, but leave it up to the buyer and seller to decide what should be fixed, and what can be lived with. This allows access to a wider range of certified vehicles, while still ensuring the prospect knows he’s getting a good vehicle and a good value.
  • Available direct-to-consumer, franchise, and independent dealers
  • Far less expensive than factory programs
  • Far more thorough than inspection-only programs. In fact, our Gold program is more thorough than any other program we are aware of—factory or independent.